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For the Unordinary Kid.

Ohe Aloha Shirt

Ohe Aloha Shirt

$ 130.00

Named for streets in the neighborhood that blows up with Pow! Wow! murals every February, the Ohe shirt brings jungle vibes to the streets of Kaka'ako in a mix of khaki, olive, ash and black.  Find the cat face, there's one hidden on each shirt.

`Ohe is said to be one of the "canoe plants" brought to Hawai`i Nei by early Polynesian settlers in their oceanic navigation. This plant may have originated in India or Java.This versatile and giant member of the grass family is able to grow more rapidly than any other plant. After two months of growth it is the size it will remain for its lifetime. Bamboo, as well as coconut, is one of the most useful and practical plants for humankind, providing water storage, food, raw materials for household and garden use, musical instruments and more.

Shirt produced by Roberta Oaks, hand lettering for the sew in by Jeff Gress. 

Cut in our modern RO style, which is sharp on the shoulders and more tailored through the body.  Rounded bottom with a lined up pocket. Each piece is numbered. Button down collar and black buttons. Made in Hawaii.